Bryan Hill, RMT​


Education & Experience
Bryan graduated from Utopia Academy (now Vancouver College of Massage Therapy) in April 2012 as a registered massage therapist. The school is an accredited provider of the College of Massage Therapist of British Columbia curriculum standards. The program taught human anatomy and physiology at an extremely detailed level. Assessment methods and clinical record keeping were thoroughly integrated to help provide clear treatment goals and monitor progress. A variety of massage techniques were passed on from experienced instructors. Swedish massage, Dr. Vodder manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), myofascial techniques (MFR), craniosacral treatment (CSR), joint mobilization, hydrotherapy and therapeutic exercise are just a few of the modalities. The program exposed Bryan to clients with numerous conditions through both the student clinic and out-reaches. He has provided massage for pregnant women, the elderly, athletes, developmentally delayed, recovering addicts and persons with chronic infections and injuries.​

Bryan was first introduced to the practice of yoga in 2000. His interest, understanding and appreciation of the benefits of yoga has continuously grown since that first class. He attended an intensive yoga teacher training program at the Saltspring Centre of Yoga where he studied in the lineage of Baba Hari Dass, a life long monk who has practiced silence since 1952. The program was a complete immersion into the yogic lifestyle including cleansing practices, ayurvedic diet, yoga philosophy, daily pranayama and meditations as well as the postures found in a yoga asana practice. Bryan's experience teaching yoga began in 2007. One of the primary principles of the Saltspring Centre is embodied in the spirit of karma yoga, selfless service.  Bryan currently volunteers at a number of yoga retreats, yoga teacher training as well as leading regular yoga classes in the Comox Valley. More is written about his life in connection with the SSCY.

Prior to moving to the Comox Valley Bryan lived in Vancouver, BC. He was actively pursuing a career as a fire fighter. He obtained his NFPA 1002 in 2005 from Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre. To gain experience  Bryan moved to the Comox Valley to volunteer with Cumberland Fire Rescue. After he and his husband had spent five years in the valley they agreed to make this their permanent home.

Further education includes Langara College where Bryan studied human kinetics. He has continuously added to his knowledge about fitness, human movement and physical education through his certifications with the British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association (BCRPA) and National Lifeguard Service (NLS). He has worked as a fitness trainer and swimming instructor since 2000. This long history of physical education continues help Bryan communicate body awareness to students and clients in a friendly and positive manner.

Bryan's first foray into post-secondary education was at Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1993. Unfortunately this education was truncated prematurely due to life circumstances. To this day Bryan maintains his creative endeavours. You may view some of his artwork on the walls of the studio. Purchase inquiries are welcome.​

Bryan is very proactive in the maintenance of his personal health. He is dedicated to a regular physical exercise regime that includes resistance training, cardiovascular health, flexibility and balance training. His daily yoga practice varies through the year to keep him in tune with his personal energy levels, the seasonal changes and the demands of life. Annually Bryan volunteers with the Saltspring Centre of Yoga at the yoga teacher training program and occasionally with other retreats at the centre. 

In 2013 Bryan purchased a Ducati Monster 696 and has enjoyed many motorcycle rides up and down Vancouver Island. Recently he bought some side bags for the bike and is looking forward to getting further afield with a overnight trip or two this summer. Camping and hiking are a passion that he shares with his husband Robert. Together they have made numerous multi day backcountry hiking trips in British Columbia. Their desire to travel has taken them to travel hotspots and some remote locations, notably the Bavarian Alps and Peruvian Andes.